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Monday, March 18, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow, Fancy Car and Gossip

Gwyneth Paltrow to be a Bollywood Guest star? She's one of the stunt women jumping into a speeding car? None of the media have ever tickled everyone's fancy with this gossip.

The Oscar-winning actress who's fond of singing and has ever done a debut as professional singer might say, "Of course not!" This gossip is nuts!"

Not only is she a talented actor, but also a singer. Country music, that's what she likes to sing but never ever invites Lata Mangeshkar, the legend of Bollywood playback singer, to be a back-up vocalist on stage. Another gossip about Gwyneth Paltrow buying fancy car in India is also laughable. But if you say, "Why not?" This is not a right gossip to tickle everybody's funny bone.

What if she's invited to Indonesia and share her voice here? You think, Gwyneth Paltrow likes singing dangdut song? But the kind of lower-class music genre, which often sentimentally force you to dance instead of cry, is a worth try. Be it played in a fancy car, the collaboration of country music and dangdut may bring a harmonious rhythm of tickling music. Would you like to try it with me, Ms. Paltrow?

By the way, it has nothing to do between Gwyneth Paltrow chose and bought the car brand Lexus with becoming a stunt woman in India. She wouldn't explain to the people there that Lexus as part of fancy cars are environmentally friendly, has a powerful engine, has a charming design, suitable for a family car and so on.

She's not a singing saleswoman!

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