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Monday, February 2, 2015

Americans Don't Need Voice Talents!

Americans don't need THE ARABIC VOICE, no matter how professional the recording studio is and how wonderful deep voice of native Arabic voice talents are,

They just need to be providing the most prominent world brands and localization agencies with high quality voice over recordings in the United States, and off course with American dialects. The talents are not necessarily blonde.

If you like to listen to final production to your recording, you must have worked in this industry. but if you are American you don't have to say you should have a superb Mandarin Chinese voice and your studio sounds fantastic! You need to improve your talent!

american voice talent
People are extremely impressed with the Chinese voice-over service/quality, and this is applied to Chinese mostly. You, Americans, provide different dialect to amaze people who like listening to English-speaking people. I won't produce hundreds of recordings each month at all, because I am busy blogging.

You are, talented guys, looking forward to having a job in this industry must be willing to received such a praise, "Johnny, I am in awe of your voice. You services are everything I could have wanted and more. Johnny is very easy to work with and I look forward to our next project together. Have never found your level of no accent American anywhere."

And Johnny, you did not have necessarily to be born in America to have this voice talent. You can be A Chinese, an Arab or an Indian. As part of voice artists you are required to record the individual sample fragments played back by a computer in an automated announcement. But who says that is the requimerent. No, it is not!

If Americans don't need voice talents for Arabic, India or Chinese market, they need it for Flash presentations, Tutorials, Training Videos, Documentaries, Corporate Presentations, Industrials, Audio Books, Powerpoints, and Walking Tours. My recommendation Chicago will be great!

What does it mean? Whether you are an American or not, you can be a great voice talent if you are gifted. And one strong recommendation, you don't have to yell on the street to promote this.