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Friday, May 3, 2013

Get Rid Of Parkinson - Make Muhammad Ali Smile!

How Do You Get Parkinson's disease? A serious question, off course. It's different from when you have a cold and someone asks you about it. The first question is not the one to be answered while giggling just to show to others that you only need a minor treatment.

Most people might know Muhammad Ali, the boxing legend who suffered parkinson's disease. How did he get it? A stupid disjointed answer might be: anytime you see the man who bullies you, don't run, mock him so that he becomes irritated and then give you a black eye. If he's not satisfied, you can give your head too.

It's not about how to be like Muhammad Ali who used to sting like a bee in the ring, it's about the precaution. So how about it? We should know first the symptom, why parkinson can attack a man, at what age, and what is the best treatment for this disease.

There are a lot of information you can get from the Internet regarding this. But if you search: what causes Parkinson's disease? All will answer the same; No one knows for sure about it. No one knows what makes the nerve cells break down. What affects the way you move is this cells breakdown. Yes, it happens when there is a problem with certain nerve cells in the brain.

So, now you get the point, right? And you are invited to assist or replace the current scientists who are doing a lot of research to look for the answer. They are studying many possible causes, including aging and poisons in the environment.

A funny question today now: How to be a scientist who is free from parkinson's disease? If you can make a breaktrough over this, not only you make Muhammad Ali proud of you, you'll also answer the world's request.

One is stop spoofing!

Stop Eating! Bulimia is awaiting!