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Sunday, March 24, 2013

After converting to Islam Robert Pattinson lives together with Kristen Steward?

This is not excellent news! That Robert Pattinson has converted to Islam and he’s living with Kristen again. This is a terrible hoax! So, rather than believe in such a parody, playing games with vampire will be excellent. Is it a good idea? No, that's stupid! So, ask the children to go to bed early after finishing their homework.

No Muslim activity done by Pattinson that after a lengthy separation, he and his sweetheart have finally reunited in Los Angeles. No kinda prayer you'll see him do five time a day. After the two were spotted out together at one of their favorite bars, Ye Rustic Inn, on Mar.19, HollywoodLife.com has learned that theTwilight twosome are once again living together in Kristen’s house! that's also most of the headline tell about them today. Nothing to do with Robert Pattinson converting to Islam at all.

Rob is living at Kristen’s house. There's no sermon, no Friday prayer and no compulsory for her to wear a veil and he doesn't have to let his beard grow long .Their dogs are there and surely know nothing about the gossip of Robert Pattinson's conversion to Islam — that is the hoax obvious you can find on the net. He considers Kristen’s home, his home too, not a cemetery.

Okay, this is as the story goes: Robert Pattinson , an actor that has amassed 18 million dollars has converted to Islam. The news came as a shocker when he admitted it to Husagh presses in an interview with him. Pattinson admitted that it was a hard decision and was and this will be "extremely life changing."

And the fact as you can find at the date above is more up to date than any kinds of hoaxes scattered on the Internet. Okay, by the way, you want to leave together with them? What are you? You're not Jim Carrey, are you?

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