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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why iPhone is more popular than Blackberry

Once upon a time a teenager turned to be autistic as he was glued to his Blackberry. His mother seemed like not there and his father was gone in the air. In fact, the family was in the living room, sitting and towards each other they became strangers for a couple of hours.

Well, that sounds too much, but on another occasion the mother became autistic at work and so was the father, and everybody around was also busy with their Blackberry. But why there's no iPhone available there?

Blackberry is everywhere: on the bus, on the commuter train, in the park, at offices and homes. It is the king which is to be obeyed. You serve your life for it.

How about IPhone? Why is it supposed to be more popular than Blackberry? To answer this question you need to fly to the United States of America. Or just close your eyes and pretend to be there. Got the answer? Good.

Share it to comment box below, Indonesians. No compulsion for the autistic!

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