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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Why people keep thinking Obama is Muslim?

Because he is so suspicious? Some people keep highlighting questions of why President Barack Obama used two Bibles during his swearing-in ceremony on Monday few months ago. Could the one of it be the Qur'an, and that's why you think he is a Muslim? The rumor is everywhere scattered on the Internet.

The media report, the Bible is the one used by President Abraham Lincoln at his first inauguration, which Mr. Obama previously used in 2009, and another Bible was used by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. That the appearance of two Bibles stacked on top of each other may make people think Obama was hiding the Qur'an in there. Why should he? And this drove many to think that he might be a Muslim.

Some other suspicions: he used to live in Jakarta, Indonesia, the predominant Muslim country and was raised by a Muslim step father. Then Obama bowed to Saudi Arabian King. Also his half brother in Kenya is Muslim, and a great number of presumptions uploaded onto Youtube with "proof" and convincing title. People keep thinking the rumor is right.

Okay, now let's check and recheck whether Obama is Muslim or not.

1. The rumor of swearing-in ceremony with the qur'an, it is not that you touch it or put it under your hand, the Holy Book is put above your head. This is the total difference between Muslim and non Muslim ceremony. Why should he do that? If Obama hid the qur'an there, didn't he mock Islam himself?

2. Does he perform a five-time daily prayer? You can say, surely Obama is Muslim if he does that. Otherwise he is not. Muslims who skip their prayer obligation are considered the non as this is the only religious practice which distinguishes it with other religions. However, if you think he is not God obidient one, then another rumor would be why he is not religious? Lol.

If the two points written above seem not to answer the question of whether Obama is Muslim or no and you keep wondering, just wait for him to be Muslim himself as you ask for it. Why is that possible? Well, people, many convert to Islam even with the hatred coming along with them as they knew Islam for the first time as evil. Now, it's up to you whether to believe or not such a rumor.


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