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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ricky Martin untold story

The following story is not about Ricky Martin opening up about his boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez Abella, how he likes being a dad, and acting. This is the untold one. The funny thing which was never revealed before.

When a friend introduced him to Carlos, a financial analyst-stockbroker four years ago, South America was shaken. Trees were fallen down and the sky was clouded over day by day. It rained heavily, and there's a narration uttered from the heavens, "It's a funny or untold story, ask Ricky Martin." The voice went on without clear meaning. Who was it, God or no, who cares!

Martin recalls. "I was like, 'You're not supposed to be here right now. Would you please allow me to just go on my journey?'"

Just remember when the sky smiled, but in the next few minutes it thundered and the raindrops were more than cats and dogs. Martin looked up in the sky and cried out, "I think you're not so sexy. You're not very smart." There's nothing in the sky, not even a latin song could ever be heard.

Again, there's no spoof about Ricky Martin with his boyfriend here. The couple is not urged to provide information about such thing like funny or untold story. Martin didn't have to provide a scenario about a weather movie even though he decided to return to acting. He had not acted for years before his appearance this season on "Glee," in a role the show's creator, Ryan Murphy, had written specifically for the singer.

Murphy said Ricky had such star powers. The boys in the neighborhood knew nothing about this, those who were indifferent to stardom, those who never said, "Is it the untold story? What's so funny about it? Ricky Martin boyfriend didn't have to listen, either, because he had nothing to do with this, right?

It's weird; the sky is thundering, smiling, laughing and then your time has already been taken by a thing called silly writing.

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