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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lawyer Advertisement Ideas, No Spoof!

As with business, lawyers also need to advertise themselves as part of a campaign to get clients. And the Internet is one of the most appropriate media for this purpose. So what ideas would be better for the commercial?

Lawyers need to highlight their services, describe their portfolio or outlines various cases ever handled and won. Unless they have already been well-known, the advertisement does not need to be done intensively. The idea of self promotion can be put aside, just wait for "the victim" to come to hire them. Does this sound cynical?

Lawyer advertisement ideas should not promote things too dramatic or glamorous because currently you are not releasing a new movie.

The things that need to be done besides advertising promotions are as follows:

1. When shaking hands with a man you first meet. say, "if you have a case that I can handle?"

2. When the person is asking about you, say that you are not selling something but offering something

3. When the person has a problem with his marriage life say that you are not the angel of savior, you are just an ordinary person who wants to help others.

Okay, now the question is: Are you going to do as suggested above? What an idea! If yes. it means you need to advertise yourself. If not, you also need to do so. If you think it's a silly suggestion as it is straight to the point, you need to create your own narration to your ad.

Do not try me, my audience are comedy lovers.