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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spiritual Lessons Should Not Be Funny

Or should spiritual lessons be funny? It depends on what aim you pursue to get enlightened in life. Think about life without body, without clothes, but you are not naked as your soul is learning about immortality and it doesn't need carnal media.

Your face shows that you are not robot that can only say yes and no when it comes to learning about mechanism. Spirituality is a confusing topic that you need a forum to gather people and conduct a debate with them and exchange funny arguments, sarcasm, blasphemy or stories about the day after, so that, instead of leading your soul to hell, your desire urges you to laugh out loud. Such a lesson is not available at formal school.

spiritual lessonsIt is not like learning grammar that enables you to create a conjunction to connect your soul to heaven. Spiritual lessons should exclude formula to get you out of traditional concept of learning. It needs a divine approach that if it doesn't sound funny, you should not laugh out loud.

Consider the following actions when you learn about something more precious than life

1. Do not sing a reggae song
Your teacher, instructor or guru won't listen to your hoarse voice due to your sore throat problem as you're tired of doing the yoga all night long

2. Funny or no, spiritual lessons will bring you to the kitchen when you're hungry and you don't have to do the yoga while eating, not necessarily in dining table

3. The most valuable point you can get after reading this "useful article" is that if you disagree with it, you still can laugh but you cannot fly

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