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Sunday, April 14, 2013

India tours with Celebrity?

Welcome to India tours. Here you'll be guided by Bollywood stars whose beauty is said second to goddess. The glitters in Bollywood cinema, which one would you like to accompany you to explore Mumbai. The celebrities will be ready to take you anywhere with a warm smile and friendly guidance.

Introducing Le Sutra. A boutique hotel located in the trendy neighborhood of Union Park, far away from slum areas in Mumbai in case you're afraid your jewelry be snatched. Le Sutra has some borderline cheesy rooms, but it works for visitors who want to see the beauty of India through a large screen TV. There you'll see Indian celebrities to be with you in an unforgettable tour. They are the stranded angels who will sing around you and dance and shake your body all night long.

You'll learn about Indian spirituality in the hotel decor. The tour can turn you to be emotionally involved in their culture. Each of the three floors represents a level of spirituality; level one is Tamas (inertia), level two is Rajas (activity) and level three is Sattva Guna (goodness). The hotel doesn't have a restaurant, but is within walking distance of restaurants such as Olive Bar & Kitchen and dessert haven Delicacy. There the celebrities will invite more and more dancers and amaze you with dances and songs.

The celebrities then will take you to the ballroom and the camera will focus on you again, but you keep wondering, is it really an amazing package of an Indian tour? Well, open your eyes, in case you doubt this fancy. Would like to blame for the excessive fantasy? Better wake up and arrange your schedule soon. My time to tickle your fancy's up.

More about the hotel: Le Sutra, 14 Union Park, Khar West, Mumbai; +91 22 2649 2995

Don't forget to ring me when you dance there with ... Whoever you want. Lol!

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