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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Office Design Plan by Mr. Cabinet

Mr. Cabinet has already planned some office design, but it's cancelled just that way. He has the right to do so and the city doesn't have to cry for this. Indeed furniture in the eye of artists is a fancy of passion. But on the other hand, it's just premises that people know at where to work behind the desk.

It's not the First Interstate Bank Building, a 62-story skyscraper, in Los Angeles that suffered the worst high-rise fire in the city's history that Mr. Cabinet has been thinking of. It's about office design plan that should be built fire proof. Can he? What's your fancy about if you were him being in the office building and having no projects to do?

Battling the blaze, which lasts for more and more hours, he is accustomed to this. He cares about window breakage, which complicated firefighting efforts once in his previous office but Mr. Cabinet won't take the initiative soon to replace the destroyed design. Plan about it is hanging somewhere in the air. If this is to tickle your fancy, I'm afraid you won't hire a designer to beautify your workplace interior someday while in urgency.

Should we help him? But why?

First, Mr. Cabinet cannot do the design alone because all plans have not been approved and brought by President Director to a meeting.

Second, when it comes to arson, he must protect his office as part of dedication and pride.

Third, it's not about something to tickle your funny bone if he says, as the man of furniture he needs to look in the mirror occasionally and keeps himself well-groom.

Please help him or otherwise, he will be distressed because you think he is only a piece of furniture himself.

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