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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Emma Watson Funny Story?

Emma Watson doesn't have to feel shocked by a spoof article saying that she is responsible for a natural disaster in Uganda. Some may think this is a funny story most people like to read, and some other will surely skip it.

As far as we know, Uganda is a tropical climate country which is set at the equator; not a country where kangaroo becomes the mascot and camels are sacred to the local. But the spoof goes on describing Emma Watson riding a camel there across the desert in the heat of the sun, and what seems to be funny is that she is accompanied by a monkey behind her. Surely, the story is totally fake.

You know, that day she climbed on top of the highest mountain of the Rwenzorin, and as she had been there she yelled from the peak to the sky so that the angels fell down and laughed at her. Very funny! Surely, Uganda never has such story of spoof temperate climate and Emma Watson should not be here to be parodied.

She went to the harbors, the world's second largest fresh water lake, the Victoria. There was no crew to ask her to get prepared for another set of Harry Potter's series. On another occasion she saw a source of the world's second longest river the Nile.

Britain's famous wartime prime minister Sir Winston Churchill once proclaimed Uganda as the Pearl of Africa in his book ''My African Journey''. And if you ask Emma Watson, she might have another perception. We might too, right? She should not be written as the one to explore Uganda with a monkey, not as a spoof that tickles your funny bone.

Uganda is not a country gifted by nature to torture you in the heat of the sun. It possesses a wealth of tourism potential and by telling a story about Emma Watson being stranded here is totally weird.

Or ... funny?

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