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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Entrepreneur Funny Article?

Looking for some entrepreneur articles? Yup, you have decided something monumental in your life. There are always options to make, and if you think you would like to make a total self-made, surely you need to run your own business becoming a boss in your own company. Nothing so funny when it comes to building a dream of success with so many people laughing at you now.

Why is it useful to read an article of entrepreneurship? First, because there's nothing called as funny when someday you'll be there in your realized dream and recall what you've done before by "regretting" having taken this conquered risk. It's all of your hard work that your workplace is no more appealing to you; you are the boss managing your own employees, either at home or anywhere you like. Second, inspiration comes from no where unless you search for it. Reading a review, a report, a story about successful people to some is half way to success. To other it's a comparison, and to the pessimists it is no more than a fable.

Anyway, what makes this article funny? Before I answer it. I would like to introduce you to an entrepreneur who gets difficult to smile. Why?

First, he has an abundant of wealth, including a great deal of money in Swiss Bank, but up to now he doesn't want if that money transferred to his domestic account. Why he doesn't want it being transferred? It's because he just cannot count the money. Why counting is so horrible for him? Because by the time I am writing this, he hasn't been recovered from his "long journey to the moon" in a mental asylum.

Second, he hates reading, he loves being talked about.

Not funny? Forget it. So do your best, be an entrepreneur now, whether or not you find this article useful.

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