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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Justin Timberlake Dress to Tell You Story?

Justin Timberlake fancy dress is here. When people are looking for something unusual worn by celebrities, that doesn't include the critic's point of view, or does it? He only sings, writes songs and keeps doing so and people cry out and mention what he wears. No, they are not mentioning it on the spot. This comes as a trend anybody would like to search on the Internet.

If such notice will really lead you to the market you're looking for, then the fancy dress of Justin Timberlake is nowhere to search. There's a stage waiting for him and you won't cry out when he decides to fit the costume to perform, and yes you do as it might tickle everyone fancy. Fashion design really needs to outdo each other to win attention. What is that for? Apart from "the show must go on", the apparel must sale well.

What best story of Justin Timberlake to amuse you? Fancy dress or romance? Both can be different in the eye of those having no sense of humor. As the show must go on, you will see those standing in life for fashion like Britney Spears' T-shirt, Justin Bieber's doll, Jessica Simpson's perfume all are not queuing for nothing. The show off must go on. The profit must be generated and the people must become their own marketers one another.

Okay, there's nothing to tickle your fancy. There's no silly story like Jacky Chan's the Tuxedo to create amusing laughter. There's only an empty stage with no song you can listen to. Then the host comes from nowhere and shouts, "Justin Timberlake fancy dress is here!"

No responses.

But, "Shake your body, baby!" One, two, ten, hundred, thousands romp around like kids to follow the rhythm. More and more people were reborn to dance the whole night. That's not the weird story, the stage becomes lively. The drum is no way to be worn out. The guitar can sing itself. What?!

But where is he? Fantastic! All you can see is only Justin Timberlake fancy dress

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