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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Justin Bieber Doll Fancies Itself?

Sing, dance, jump, do the hiphop shake your body!

Justin Bieber dolls to tickle your fancy for the holidays? No, all it's going to be bought by Selena Gomez and kicked out. Wow, sounds serious! Not really, Selena broke him up and Justin Bieber dolls are coming to ask her for reconciliation. "But you can't buy them, my kids, and I'm not suggesting you buy one," say a mother in the North Pole. What does mean? It has nothing to do with it!

The dolls, dressed in the singer's signature looks from those music videos, from a leather jacket and microphone to a green hoodie and guitar, seem offended . There's no sign of sorry for Justin to have been broken up by Selena. It's all about joy and image building. Children can't make Justin Bieber dolls fly like a plane toy, off course. That's not the one to tickle their fancy. However, their curiosity grows strong that they turn themselves to dolls and sneak around that warehouse and approach a shadow around the corner.


Selena Gomes is about to yell at this mother when she find the doll sitting calmly there around the corner of the living room, singing about Justin Bieber's breakup song with her. Amazing, the doll changes its mind, making a deal with itself and soon agreeing to turn itself to mice and tickle everyone's bones.


The show must go on. There's nothing such nonsense to mock Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, even with a doll. But the breakup is so obvious that the doll feels ticklish to tell this silly story. Don't let them tickle your fancy. Buy Justin Bieber backpacks, figurines, singing dolls, even a Justin Biebertooth brush from Toys"R"Us! Bring the idol and his hair home with you! Shop now!


Whoops the latter, is optional. Happy shopping. 

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