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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hillary Clinton parties in Indonesia?

Once upon a time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton needed some refreshment and took some time out from her busy schedule for a little R&R in Jakarta, Indonesia -- and she found this is unbelievable?

Why Indonesia? Probably the night away with friends at Cafe Havana, Colombia last year is not enough for setting herself free from pressure.

But this fake news could be only in the head of the ripped guys indulging in some drinking and dancing. Where? Secretary Clinton was in Cartagena to attend the Summit of the Americas, which closed last year. And anybody to be cold sober keep wondering where?

Sober? Well, too much drink will kill you!

However, the parties in Indonesia keep merry without Hillary Clinton being here. Either parties of celebrities or political ones. Expecially after Harlem shake started to shake here, not only celebrities but also politicians would like to dance their interest away. Of celebrities, people talk much about drug case involving the handsome young presenter cum actor, Raffi Ahmad. Of politics, the idea of hanging Anas Urbaningrum in Monas, the monumental park of the landmark of Jakarta come up as classic and boring discourse.

Hillary Clinton won't come here to have another party and laugh and cry for Indonesia.

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