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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why Britney Spears dislike bananas

Once upon a time Britney saw a monkey eating banana under a tree around her neighborhood and he smiled at her. But she didn't see people saying why we hate Britney somewhere nearby. The monkey was skinny and amusing and he seemed restless.

There's no news on the Internet why Britney hates bananas. She kept eating fruits she liked but I am not sure whether she likes banana herself or no. All we can find on the Internet still why we hate Britney. Why Eminem hates her, why some other celebrities do so.

It's out of context that bananas will help Britney improve her voice and it is absurd to say it is good as supper after any concert she has had. But it is so amazng to know the fact that people hate Britney. Off course, there's nothing extraordianary about it. There people love you, and there people who don't.

Let's ask the monkey about it. Well he has another languange to tell wheter he likes Britney or hate her.

Anyway, back to the discussion, you know what -- she might not like banana after the monkey cried out, "Can I take part in X-factor?

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