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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why Obama won't come back to Indonesia

Once upon a time Obama left Indonesia for his brighter future, and as dream came true he spent the time to come here once. Now, he plans not to get back to Indonesia. How can it be? According rumor, because there's nobody inviting him to come here.

You know why Obama won't flash back to his childhood by visiting his then residence in Menteng, Jakarta. Because at that time he was busy leading a meeting and there's no agenda about Indonesia as part of his official visit. Is it true that Obama won't get back to Indonesia? Maybe, especially if he's afraid of getting trapped by huge floods which nearly engulfed Jakarta recently.

But the call for Obama to come to Indonesia might be sounded as an invitation to watch corruptors hung in Monas. He won't be invited here to shake his body to follow the rythm of Harlem Shake. He won't be giving speech about disturbing motorists to block the Trans Jakarta busway. Who is the corruptor?

Well, many of them. And yet again, there's another reason why Obama won't come back to Indonesia. The invitation letter is stolen by Aladdin in the sky.

By the way, do you believe Obama is Muslim? Check it out here.

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