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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Amanda Bynes Shows Ugly Face on Twitter?

Not really, the Internet gives Amanda Bynes an opportunity to curse someone she hates. She brands Jay-Z 'ugly face' on Twitter and this spread to the world becoming Google Hot Trend. Is the following a funny story? Check it out.

"Stop acting like I'm doing something wrong," she wrote to Complex on Twitter. "I'm obsessed with myself on Twitter. Also, my video last night was perfection." But toddlers know nothing about it. They kept listening to mother's lulling them to sleep.

"I'm so sick of the articles you write about me," Bynes continued. "I want every fake article deleted."

But not my article writing about her, I hope. Jay-Z 'ugly face' should not be dramatized by a statement saying that Amanda Bynes urged to slam him because of discrimination. He didn't give her chocolate at her birthday party and she cried and told her mother about it. That's not funny at all.

And another weird story should not be continued due to:

First, her busy schedule to meet the deadline of "exchange pleasantries" on Twitter if she wishes. I recommend creating a spoof with me which doesn't include personal discredit

Second, Jay-Z 'ugly face' is not subject to unfair judgment. It should be edited and framed with Photoshop and shared to any social networking sites.

Don't blame Amanda Bynes if she won't help me complete a funny story about .... a framed and shared Photoshop work!

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