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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Funny Story Blog? Maybe Mr. Nurman Learns To Tickle Your Fancy!

So many funny story blogs on the Internet, but the one whose writer productively and enthusiastically learns to tell jokes in English is Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy. Why is it regarded as funny? Or silly, maybe?

First, the blog doesn't talk about something that puzzles you intellectually. No story about chemistry. It doesn't include mathematics formula that you should frown upon and there are no political terms to force you to take initiative to create new jargon about politics. It's just funny and weird, because it is not written by a native speaker of English so that the jokes quite often don't keep up or comply with western culture, yet it is not slapstick, either. It uses the formula "tickle" and "fancy" somewhat relates or connoted to indecent perception. Using url www.man2tickle.com, the author once presumed as gay with such a domain name. He is absolutely not! And the contents exclude sexuality.

Second, what do you think about spoof, especially about celebrities? Parody? Satire? Funny story? What do you think about wit? What do you think about seo? What do you think about all things above put together in one blog and the writer claims he is learning to tickle your fancy? What? There's nothing that you should think about. That's weird! That's it! That's the laughable part. Why? Many people
do it on the Internet, right?

So what's the point? Business! When it comes to thinking business as a hobby, there's nothing so valuable as passion. It means it's a fail blog. There are a lot of efforts the author has tried to win such specific keywords on Google and quite often outdone by someone else. It ain't no money. Including also from his self-assessment progress on the Internet like Indonesian seo writer or Indonesian comedy writer.

How can I be so sure about it? Even when Nicolas Cage got a debt problem, I knew nothing about it. That's because I read between the line. Mr. Nurman taught me over and over to keep learning to tickle everyone's fancy by writing more and more funny stories, even though you earn nothing but only happiness and ... Postponed money?

Is that right, man? Especially the latter? What is that supposed to mean? When it comes to money it is not funny anymore!

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