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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nicolas Cage bankrupt story

Does Nicolas Cage have to pay Nevada bank? This is one episode of bankrupt story of celebrities. Nicolas Cage had been ordered to pay over $2 million to the Nevada State Bank. Well, that's history.

Today the actor reportedly owed $ 2,511,605.74 might feel relieved. Never try to trace back from the past if you have no talent to be a detective. What is that for, anyway? It is not a good idea too, if you like to sneak to his house at night to check it out if he also has another debts.

Is it another story? Bankruptcy appeals to everyone? And Nicolas Cage who happened to be in such condition was an unlucky celebrity everybody really likes to know about. Will people like an unusual show: Ladies and gentlemen, attention please, his Las Vegas home was foreclosed - where it was repossessed and sold on to recuperate monies lost in a defaulted loan. Our hero had a loss of $3.5million! That's too much!

Then should everyone cries out: "He owes a lot of money, he has to pay it in full!?" The actor's financial problems came to light late a few years ago, but none of the bloggers gave him a suggestion to back them up writing a story about celebrity, especially Nicolas Cage bankruptcy. That's not funny at all. It is not funny either if you think your blog(s) can reach at least 1 million visitors a day, you can get yourself out of debt. Google Adsense is not an instant platform to make big money as soon as possible.

Nicolas Cage may be an Academy Award actor among Hollywood elites, but bankruptcy knows nothing about it. It is not so impressed by his star-power. In 2009, it is reported America went after Cage for failing to pay $ 6 million in taxes. Not only did he have to relinquish multiple properties under his name, Cage had to pick-up additional acting roles in order to live "paycheck by paycheck" while paying back his tax debt.

This celebrity terrible story should not tickle the world's funny bone!

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