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Sunday, December 15, 2013

No Cancer No Cry

Is cancer incurable? If you think that way, you will agree with it the rest of your life. Anybody suffering from it don't have to ask, why should we worry about unexplained weight loss? What's the joke about? The most fear is in this context is that more and more people are sure there's no remedy for this fatal disease.

And why many women would be delighted to lose weight ? Is this one of the effort to forget is cancer incurable? 10 pounds in a month without an increase in exercise or a decrease in food intake, this is not recommended for those who're not sure they are suffering such stadium. Well, to tell the truth, so stressful and confusing writing about this matter here. Therefore you need entertainment instead on this blog to cope with stress.

The feeling of no remedy for cancer and that it is incurable should be skipped in life. So just let your doctor take care of it, and forget about these following words:
    is cancer incurable?
  • symptoms
  • abdominal pain
  • urinary problems
  • guilty
  • skull
  • laser
  • hammer
Change those all with 
  • Hope
  • Recovered
  • Happy
  • Save
  • Life
  • Gratitude
Sure, no cancer no cry. When it comes to remedy, God has it. If you believe in miracle, the question of is cancer incurable shouldn't be responded by skeptical gesture. You just need to find a secret of life. Recalling, reflecting or questioning what kind of believe you have now in God, that matters much.

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