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Friday, December 13, 2013

Beware! These 3 Super Kids Might Copy Colorado School Shooter!

The following unusual kids might copy what the Colorado schools shooter, identified as 18-year-old Karl Halverson Pierson, has done that shocked the world. That is shooting students, but, correction, not shooting students, but all their enemies, and surely must be not turning the gun on themselves and taking their own life. That's silly!

How come? It's because they think they are undisputed superheroes. Unlike the Colorado shooter who bore a grudge, they just couldn't stand singing Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be).

Just keep in mind this post is not intended to inspire anybody, especially children, to be as sadistic as this Colorado School Shooter teenager. You know the theme of this blog, so have fun reading:
funny boys
1. 5 year-old Peter Parker. Once he got frustrated that he could not play the piano well. So angry that he would fire an organ in neighbor's living room with a water gun, but his aunt yelled, "go to bed!"

2. 6 year-old Clark Kent. The problem was simple. He wanted a piece of bread but the baker mocked him all the time, "Eating yourself, again, huh?"

3. 8 year-old Bruce Wayne. He was so upset that night that the toy mask he usually played with was gone. He couldn't find something similar to it and the Balinese one, a birthday present, didn't appeal to him.

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