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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Voice Talent For Sale!

Voice talent for sale! It's a weird intro. But if you happen to have business in Indonesia contact Muhammad Nurman, not only is he an Indonesian Voice Talent, but also an SEO expert, a witty blogger with a lot of talent!

Nothing is so tickling when it comes to hire an Indonesian voice talent. But first, having business to be promoted orally? And southeast Asia is your target? Here is about how you can gain potential market in Indonesia. This is a country where the Internet users are one of the largest in the world.

Okay, no matter what media you use to promote your business, be it a video explainer or a whiteboard animation, it needs a voice over in order that your message be understood by Indonesians. You need a talent to read your script or storyboard.

Welcome people, you can hire him to narrate your script, jingle or storyboard. Sure, not only can you hire this skinny actor as an animator or artist, you can also count on him as an Indonesian voice talent. Mr. Nurman provides a lot of talent you might be interested in related to your project.

To see and listen to the sample click this link