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Monday, July 15, 2013

Stand Alone Internet Service? Go Ahead!

No jokes today about slow-loading Internet connection, something to distress you. You surely need a stand-alone service one. You don't want to "stand in line" and then few minutes afterwards you cancel to go on your trip, right? That's a waste of time!

You don't need AFAIK, the Internet abbreviation for as far as I know, used when you believe something is true, but you are not completely certain. With a stand-alone Internet service, probably you can be assured that you can surf online faster, downloading and uploading can be done perfectly without you having to cancel your trip.

You just can be well-informed with the AFAIK attitude when it comes to online connection. You should not agree that a stand alone internet service will solve your speeding problem, either. It's not a speed. It's a condition that you can rely on in order to continue browsing online.

What you need is stability. That is when so far you feel your connection is no longer supporting your instant access to Internet. That it's hanged or it produces a very slow loading. So think about a stand alone Internet service, the one that doesn't have to make you depend much on your current terrible connection problem.

Sure you need it, no matter how much time you spend for nothing online, playing games or making money. Making money? Sorry, the latter needs a harsh debate. We talk about it later. Stick around.

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