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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Willow Smith Birthday Party 2013 -- No Karate Kid!

Willow Smith birthday party 2013 no Karate Kid. What does it mean? She doesn't have to go to China and see Mr. Han, one thing for sure. We're not talking about Jaden, her brother who was saved and trained by Jacky Chan when he was bullied in Shanghai in order to fight back his enemy, are we?

Oct 31--A special day for her. But rumor has it that her parents will get divorced. Will Smith has something to decide with her mother and Willow won't sing a rap song in her birthday party mourning over it. It is not a good idea if brother Jaden teaches her Karate to explode all emotions.

Divorced celebrities should not be subject to sensational gossip. Any teenagers around the world won't be happy to experience the breakup of the family, including Will's children. And this 2013 Willow Smith birthday party should be gay and marry. So, what's your recommendation?

First, No Karate Kid movie should be watched by Will's Kids at Oct 31.

Second, 2013 should not be regarded as evil number because of the latter two numbers. Willow 's birthday party should be carried on safe and sound.

Third, if you are her fan and a teenager, don't get annoyed by this parent-divorce issue. And if you think this article is entertaining just spread it the world. Agreed.

Just yell: Happy birthday Willow Smith, may this 2013 and years ahead bring luck and happiness to you.