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Friday, June 7, 2013

A Very Weird And Rare Princess Story?

Imagine, when you are hungry for a funny princess story, suddenly you find yourself in a luxurious bed room belonging to an aristocrat in a mansion. This man is not like those killed in French revolution, but a sort of skinny dude whose eyes look gloomy.

He is busy and doesn't care about seeing you there look like crying for help as you get confused how come, while you are in a meeting and there's no funny princess story in your mind, you landed there. You might look up at the ceiling just try to figure out where you have been before. But to your amazement there's something more fancy there to stop you from wondering why.

A red curtain covering a huge gate is drawn open slowly and there's a silhouette on a screen and a slide: It's funny princess story, a title is being shown. While this might sound silly, but you asked for it, that's why your fancy threw you away to this mansion. Now there's nothing more comfortable than watching it.

So here is the funny princess story goes: Once upon a time, an aristocrat landed in a luxurious bed room in mansion. This man was not like those killed in French revolution, but just look like you--a sort of skinny dude whose eyes look gloomy. And amazing, there appeared a man who looked just like you too, busy and didn't care seeing him there like crying for help as he got confused how come all this come into being.

Both of you and your shadow start to get away from this hallucination during a meeting lead by a pretty stake holder, but keep wondering while yawning; is it really a funny princess story?