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Monday, March 25, 2013

Who Celebrities Like to Die in Bali?

World celebrities wish to have fun in Bali. Even Julia Roberts has to eat, pray and love there. It seems like there's no place for romance more exotic than this island. Is it true? It depends on everyone's perspective and how you compare one another, right?

Bali captures everyone's attention, from domestic tourists, foreign ones until world celebrities. Once Katy Perry had to call me saying how she felt glorious to be here without me. Do you believe it? Just the second phrase, okay? Lol.

Anyway, has Nicolas Cage ever visited this island? Not sure. Maybe next, after all his debts paid off. But, that's history, I believe; he can come to Bali anytime he wants, not as celebrity but as tourist only. The world will give him free access if he would like to search on the Internet.

Sure, anybody like to have fun in Bali, enjoy sunbathing at Kuta beach, be amazed by naughty monkeys in Sangeh, thrilled by various everlasting Hinduism ritual and ceremonies, and attracted by a lot of traditional and unique souvenirs. But who likes to die here? Are there anyone among world celebrities?

Before I tell you more about it, it is for you to know and be aware of, that on the Day of Nyepi (Silence Day), which is part of public holiday in Indonesia, you are not allowed to wander around the island. Traveling and outdoor activities are forbidden! and the world must respect it, and so must celebrities. Bali is totally dead. Only security officers stay vigil.

It's quiet, calm and restless, and anybody who prefers to die here must wait until everything gets back to normal. The shooting process can be carried on later. Therefore, on learning this, you should not be curious who celebrities like to die in Bali are, should you? They have already had some stunt men to do it for them. WHAT?!

Sorry, world, a little joke may make your day brighter.

Happy travelling!

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